Rave Reviews Log: Sports Stories

November 01, 2006

Emergency Quarterback

By Rich Wallace
Sport: Football
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Noelle

This is part of the Winning Season series. Jason Fiorelli is a star athlete and he is determined to change the perennial losses of the town teams into championships. As the playmaking wide receiver on his football team, Jason feels like the championship is in their grasp with just 3 games to go. But then Vinny the quarterback has a season ending injury. His backup, Wade, is capable, but a big mouth who can't back up his talk with action. The coach decides to train Jason as an emergency quarterback in case Wade doesn't measure up, fueling the rivalry between the two. All Jason cares about is the team winning, and all Wade seems to care about is making himself look good. Will they be able to pool their talents into the team in time to win the championship? This story is packed with football action, but not much character development. Still, readers who are interested in a straightforward sports story might enjoy this one.


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