Rave Reviews Log: Sports Stories

November 02, 2011

Deep Zone

By Tim Green
Sport: Football
Rating: 3 3/4 stars

This is billed as a Football Genius novel. Fans of Troy, the football genius, and of Ty, the wide receiver who was chased by the mafia, will be thrilled to see them united in this story.  Both boys are in Miami for the 7 on 7 tournament for kids played on the morning of the SuperBowl.  When Ty and Troy meet, they aren’t on the friendliest of terms as Ty is rather smitten by Troy’s friend Tate.  He is also worried about the mafia coming back to haunt him and his brother.  Troy, meanwhile, is preoccupied by his on-the-run father and whether or not he really keeps showing up wherever Troy happens to be.  So when both things the boys are concerned about combine—there may well be an explosion OFF the field!  There is plenty of football action and a twist at the end of the story that fans will be happy to see.


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