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March 19, 2007

Miracle on 49th Street

By Mike Lupica
Sport: Basketball
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Noelle

Josh Cameron is the world famous point guard of the Boston Celtics, but when 12 year old Molly gets to meet him, she isn't interested in his autograph. Before her mother died, she told Molly that Josh Cameron was her father and now Molly is hoping for a happy ending with a real family--not the adopted family she has now. But Josh doesn't believe Molly's story--doesn't want to believe it. And he still is skeptical, even after Molly shows she has inherited some of Josh's considerable basketball talent. But time is running out--Molly's adopted family is going to move to Los Angeles after Christmas, and if Josh hasn't proved that he wants Molly around by then...well, Molly doesn't want to consider that option. Will a stubborn, willful girl manage to make her miracle happen before Christmas is over? With plenty of basketball action and history about the Celtics woven in, readers will have plenty to interest them in this novel, and will definitely be rooting for Molly at the end. Another heartwarming sports story from a famous sportswriter.


  • MIRACLE ON 49TH STREET IS AN AWESOME BOOK! Mike Lupica does an incredibly superb job on keeping the readers reading in suspense. You THINK that the story will go on pretty smoothly, with only a few twists and turns, but NO!, that’s not what happens. Miracle on 49th Street will defiantly be on my top list. Also, it is a book that I strongly recommend…especially for people who love basketball.

    By Blogger Ronnie, At 7:56 AM  

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