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July 27, 2007

Summer Ball

By Mike Lupica
Sport: Basketball
Rating: 4 1/4 stars
Reviewed by Noelle

Danny Walker is back! The star from Lupica's Travel Team book (see review) is on his way to an elite summer basketball camp called Right Way up in Maine. His friends Will and Ty are also coming to the month-long camp, which is all basketball, all the time, and by all accounts, this should be Danny Walker's dream come true. But Danny has a secret--he's scared. After winning the travel team national championship, he got his claim to fame. But how will he measure up to boys who are bigger and stronger than he is every day? Especially once they get to camp and find Rasheed Hill, one of the kids from the team they beat to win the travel team championship, is also in attendance. When the boys get divided up into teams, Danny discovers it is his bad luck to have not only Rasheed on his team, but the coach is Ed Powers. Turns out Coach Powers has a bit of grudge against Danny's father and Rasheed is looking for payback from his defeat at the championship. Danny is starting to believe that this is Wrong Way camp for him. Especially when his coach suggests that maybe with his small size, he'd be better off playing soccer. Has the kid who never says quit finally met his match? Can Danny turn around what's wrong and make it right? Readers, especially fans of the first book, will be cheering Danny on, right to the bitter end. A bully and plenty of basketball action makes this a great read for sports fans. Will there be another sequel about Danny Walker in the offing? Bring it on!


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