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June 11, 2009

Baseball Great

By Tim Green
Rating: 4 stars
Sport: Baseball

Tim Green hits a homerun with this story, his best yet. Josh is the son of a minor league baseball player and is pretty hot at shortstop himself. He is all geared up to become the star of his school's team when his dad is let go by the minors. The next thing Josh knows, his dad has pulled him from his school team to try out for a high-powered U-14 team that aims to get to play in the Junior Olympics and is run by an ex-athlete named Rocky Valentine. 12 year old Josh isn't sure he can compete with the 14 year olds, but when he finds out his dad can get a job with Rocky's company, he makes the best of it. But being on the team includes working out with weights and taking a supplement called Super Staxx, nevermind battling the older kids who don't want anything to do with Josh. But when Josh finally feels like he is settling in, he finds out about one more thing the team has to do...and he isn't sure it is legal. Part baseball story and part crime story, this fast-moving plot will hook sports fans good and hard until the very last out. Fans may like his football stories, Football Genius and Football Hero (see reviews).


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