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August 13, 2007

Football Genius

By Tim Green
Sport: Football
Rating: 3 3/4 stars
Reviewed by Noelle

Ex-NFL defensive end Tim Green tries his hand at writing a children's book with pretty good results. Troy is a 12 year old quarterback who is frustrated about life. His father left before he was even born, the coach of his football team only lets his own son start as quarterback despite Troy being a better player, and his hometown team the Atlanta Falcons face another losing season. But Troy has an ability that some would name "football genius." After watching a game for a little while, Troy can accurate predict the offensive plays of either team. But his ability seems useless until his mother lands a job in the PR department of the Falcons. Suddenly Troy can actually meet NFL players and tell them what he can do. Will a 12 year old kid be able to convince the almighty coaches of the Falcons to use his amazing talent to win games? Troy's journey includes learning to tell the truth and do the right thing (although the rules get bent quite a bit). He has stalwart friends in Tate and Nathan, a strong single mother figure, and an advocate in Falcons player Seth Halloway. There is enough football action and terminology to make sports fans happy. Green's use of current football players' names does date the book immediately, however, readers will forgive the transgression. A winning effort as far as the sports story genre is concerned.


  • i loved this book. i cant wait to read football hero

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 9:12 PM  

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