Rave Reviews Log: Sports Stories

April 27, 2010

Baseball Great: Rivals

By Tim Green
Rating: 4 stars

In this follow up to Baseball Great, Josh and his friend Benji's team, the Titans, are invited to play in the first ever Baseball Hall of Fame national tournament.  Their reporter-want-to-be girlfriend Jayden is also eager to write about the team and their trip to the tournament.  The Titans are hot favorites except for the Comets--a team from California boasting a pitcher as tall as Josh named Mickey Mullen, Jr.--the son of movie star Mickey Mullen.  When Jayden seems charmed by the young and famous pitcher and is drawn into their circle, Josh gets jealous.  But then when Josh sees the head umpire for the tournament taking what could be a payoff from one of Mullen's bodyguards, he becomes determined to find out what is really going on.  But he isn't sure Jayden believes his claims, and worse, the bodyguard threatens to ruin Josh's family.  Should this baseball great roll over and die?  Or will it be a fight to the finish?  A good story punctuated with some solid baseball action will make this a popular sequel.