Rave Reviews Log: Sports Stories

April 09, 2011

The Super Sluggers: Slumpbuster

By Kevin Markey
Sport: Baseball
Rating: 3 3/4 stars

If you like your sports mixed with a little bit of silly, then you will love this baseball series.  Banjo Bishbash is better known on his team as "the Walloper" due to his great hitting.  But then comes the day when he strikes out every time out against their biggest competition for the pennant, the Haymakers, and suddenly Banjie is in a slump. And not only is he IN a slump, but everyone can see it--literally.  It hangs like a cloud over his head, growing larger by the day.  Can Banjie figure out how to beat his slump before the big rematch against the Haymakers?  There are lots of laughs in this tall-tale like chapter book, and it will be sure to garner many fans.  You can read more in the series, including Wall Ball and Wing Ding.  Good fun!